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Rajasthan govt should fulfil promises made to kin of soldiers killed in Pulwama, demands BJP MP

Jaipur: BJP MP Kirori Lal Meena staged a protest outside the Rajasthan assembly demanding that the state government fulfil the promises made to families of soldiers killed in the Pulwama attack.
While talking to ANI, BJP MP Meena said, "Five soldiers were killed in action during the Pulwama attack, and for the last 5 yrs their brave wives have been making rounds to get compensation". The BJP MP said the state government has failed to fulfil the promises made to families of those killed in the attack.
"They were promised jobs but they didn't receive any. Schools, colleges and roads have not been named in honour of those killed in action." he said.
"We want to make them meet CM here but police officials say we can not sit here," he added.
Wives of soldiers killed in Pulwama said it has been more than four years but the state government has not fulfilled its promises.
Kirori Lal Meena was sitting with the wife of Hemraj Meena who was killed in Pulwama attack and relatives of two others at Gate No 6 of Vidhan Sabha.
Deputy leader of Opposition in the Rajasthan assembly Rajendra Rathore also joined the protest.
Rathore while talking to the media said, "I have taken up this matter in the Vidhan Sabha. The state government needs to answer. Protest is going on under the leadership of Dr Kirori Lal Meena. This is a slap on the face of state government where wives and families of martyrs have to stage a protest outside Vidhan Sabha to demand their rights."
Dr Kirori Lal Meena is a Rajya Sabha MP from Rajasthan. (ANI)

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