Thursday, September, 21,2023

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Raj phases out 68% 15-yr-old diesel vehicles

Jaipur: After the instructions of NGT, 15 years old diesel commercial vehicles are banned in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, and Alwar cities. In compliance with the instructions of NGT, the Transport Department is rapidly working and phased out about 68 percent of the vehicles in these cities.

The NGT’s intention behind banning these vehicles is to save these cities from pollution as 15-year-old commercial diesel vehicles spread pollution very fast which causes problems for the people.

In order to phase out 15 years old commercial diesel vehicles quickly, the department has also decided to give an exemption for scrapping. If a 15 years old diesel vehicle is given to the scrap center, then the vehicle owner will be able to buy a new vehicle (on private 25 percent and 15 percent on commercial) tax and registration fees will be exempted.

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