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PSKS: Duration of concessions under drive extended till Sept 30

Jaipur: Under the ‘Prashasan Shehron Ke Sang’ Campaign, the time limit for exemption in other cases including stamp duty, freehold lease, depositing the remaining lease amount for lease release certificate, interest rates has been extended till September 30, 2023. Also, free hold ‘pattas’ will be issued to residential plots built on agricultural land in villages in urban areas and municipal limits.

CM Ashok Gehlot has approved the related proposal to provide relief to the common man. With this decision of CM Gehlot, there will be ease in the work of the campaign and the common man will get relief.

A premium rate of Rs 5 per square meter for residential plots up to 300 square meters on agricultural land falling within 500 meters of the population of villages located in the periphery of urban areas, on which residential construction has been done before December 31, 2013, but freehold lease can be issued. For this ten years lease amount will have to be deposited in lump sum. Along with this, such plots situated on agricultural land in the municipal limits, which are present in the form of scattered constructed plots near the old population area after being used before May 2, 2012; free-hold leases will be issued on such plots up to 300 square meters on depositing Rs 501 lump sum and fixed premium amount for 10 years lump sum lease amount.

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