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Priyanka’s rally gives Gehlot’s ‘political guarantee’ to voters

Jaipur: The political significance of making two big announcements through Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Priyanka Gandhi’s election rally in Jhunjhunu has big political meaning. In a way, Congress has given ‘Gehlot ki guarantee’ to the voters of Rajasthan. The first guarantee that Congress has given is that the existing schemes and concessions of the Gehlot government will continue.

The Congress government will also provide more facilities like Rs 10,000 to a woman head of a family per year and continue Rs 500 LPG cylinder to 1.04 crore families. The second guarantee is that if the Congress government is formed, the command will be in the hands of Ashok Gehlot, even if the party has not announced his name as the Chief Minister.

It also became clear from the meeting in Jhunjhunu that only Priyanka Gandhi will take the major decisions of the party regarding Rajasthan. Certainly, some of these decisions will also be policy based, of which Sonia, Rahul and Mallikarjun Kharge will be a part. Priyanka also openly expressed this by getting Gehlot to announce the guarantee given by the party in the Assembly elections instead of herself.

In the meeting in Jhunjhunu, Priyanka did not take Gehlot’s name directly, but the manner in which she mentioned the schemes of Gehlot government and talked about forming a future-thinking government, is definitely a big indication in this direction. The only political meaning being drawn from Priyanka’s speech is that Gehlot is still the Gandhi family’s first choice for Chief Minister.

CM Gehlot’s social media post after the meeting is also confirming the high command’s trust in him, in which he has reiterated his determination to make Rajasthan number one in the country by 2030.

However, at the end of the meeting, Priyanka, besides calling Gehlot an elderly and experienced leader, also took Sachin Pilot’s name as a young leader and told the voters of Rajasthan that Congress has such powerful leaders.

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