Tuesday, September, 26,2023

‘Power-packed’ meets raise interest!

Jaipur: The internal developments of Congress in Rajasthan remain in focus on Saturday. Assembly Speaker Dr CP Joshi remained the lead role here. First, former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot arrived to meet Joshi at the latter’s residence and after him State Congress Incharge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa also met Dr CP Joshi.

It is believed that there was a discussion on the internal developments of the Congress among the leaders. Pilot had asked for time before the meeting. There was also a message from Delhi to meet after which Pilot reached Joshi’s residence.

Meanwhile, Congress state in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa after meeting the Rajasthan Assembly Speaker CP Joshi on Saturday said that CP Joshi is the encyclopedia of politics.

“As far as taking feedback is concerned, feedback will be taken from all the MLAs and Ministers. Along with this there is a preparation to take feedback from the MLAs who have been defeated under the banner of Congress. As far as rebellion on September 25 is concerned, if the incident that happened during the Corona period before that is considered as a rebellion, then I would like to say that leaving aside the things of the past, we should move forward in the future. I do not talk about the future and now we should talk about the future and take lessons from what has happened in the past and also take care that such mistakes do not happen again. The government should focus on how it should be repeated,” Randhawa said.

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