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Police Commissioner’s new initiative for crime control

Jaipur: Jaipur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph has started a crime control initiative by starting a video monitoring system in the Abhay Command Center. Under this system, close monitoring is being done of the areas which are crime hotspots in the city.

Rather than viewing multiple camera feeds together, the Center now concentrates on specific zones with increasing crime rates. If incidents like chain snatching surge in a location, the Command Center closely observes the area’s CCTV footage at multiple times. Once any suspicious activity is detected, the Command Center alerts the concerne SHO who promptly responds to the situation.

The initial results of this experiment are promising, as several crimes have been averted or culprits caught red-handed. Additional Commissioner of Police, Rahul Prakash, oversees the video monitoring system, which is expected to expand to more crime-prone areas., reinforcing.

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