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Jaipur: CS Sudhansh Pant has expressed his concern and interest regarding the State capital, Jaipur. He called a meeting of HOD and Principal Secretaries of agencies engaged in cleanliness and upkeep of the city, officials, and employees of JDA, and the 2 Municipal Corporations, Greater and Heritage. Pant chaired a 2-hour meeting in the Secretariat. During this, he questioned each officer on a one-toone basis regarding the works carried out over the past two months as the entire meeting revolved only around Jaipur city.

Administrative observers claim that perhaps this is the first instance when a Chief Secretary has chaired such a lengthy meeting exclusively for Jaipur city. Pant has given orders and directions to Principal Secretary UDH & LSG, T Ravikanth, Director LSG, Suresh Ola, JDA Commissioner, Manju Rajpal, Commissioners of both JMCsHeritage and Greater, Abhishek Surana and Rukmani Riar respectively, to come up with an extensive work plan to improve the situation and look of the city. Most of the focus in the meeting was on both the Commissioners as these two were the most questioned and given the most directions.

Actually, CS Sudhansh Pant knows the bitter truth that the previous Congress government completely neglected Jaipur. Dubbed ‘India’s Paris’, the state capital of Rajasthan, a historic and beautiful city, has gone down several notches when it comes to urban governance. And the most damage has been caused in cleanliness works. Once considered among the cleanest cities of the nation, Jaipur has fallen among the worst cities now. Moreover, the politics around how can the Mayors save their seats in both the Municipal Corporations has further worsened the situation. Add to that the fact that the CEOs of both the Corporations were changed repeatedly, & thus no one was left to look out for Jaipur. The money received for the Smart city project was used up for political ambitions instead of works related to the city’s beautification.

Neither did JDA nor both the JMCs prepared any projects for development and betterment of the city. Whatever projects saw the light of the day, were due to Rajasthan Housing Board. It is also a bitter truth that ruling party MLAs from Jaipur and Ministers didn’t do anything for the Pink City. Now that the Chief Secretary himself is looking into the betterment of Jaipur and is concerned about it, it could be said that the ‘Achhe Din’ of Jaipur are round the corner. And perhaps the most important aspect is that CM Bhajan Lal Sharma hails from Jaipur & holds the most important political position in the State.

The bus belonged to a private school and was being driven rashly at a high speed due to which, the driver lost control and rammed the vehicle into a tree after which it overturned, the police said, citing reports.

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