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Over 51 lakh tourists visit State in nine mths, Jaipur witnesses highest footfall

Jaipur: The last nine months have been a boon to the tourism industry in the state. A total of more than 51 lakh tourists, including more than 1.25 lakh foreign tourists visited the state. About 85 per cent tourists from the State reached the capital Jaipur, while only 15 per cent tourists visited the monuments outside Jaipur.

A total of 49 lakh 35,743 domestic and 1 lakh 64,980 foreign tourists arrived here. The Archaeological and Museum Department earned a revenue of over Rs 31 crore 64 lakh from the tourists. The state registered an increased tourist footfall from October.

Out of the tourists who visited the monuments of the state, about 85 per cent i.e. 43 lakh 47,744 tourists visited the monuments in Jaipur alone while 7 lakh 52,979 tourists visited monuments across the rest of Rajasthan. It also shows that monuments outside Jaipur need wide publicity.

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