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Over 3.39L tourists visit Jaipur in 8 days

Jaipur: In 8 days from December 24 to December 31, the arrival of more than 3.39 lakh tourists in Jaipur has not only brought back the beauty of the travel trade, but also showed strength of Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage to whole world. More than 42,000 tourists visited city on an average daily, which is a new record after Corona. Dr Mahendra Singh Khadgawat, director of Archaeological Department, said that the forecast made by the department regarding the arrival of tourists was accurate. This is the reason that even after arrival of large number of tourists at monuments, there was no shortage of any kind in the system.

Hundreds of tourists also reached Jhalana Leopard Reserve, Amagarh Leopard Reserve and other places.

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