Tuesday, September, 27,2022

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Operation Clean Sweep: 353 drug addicts held

Jaipur: The illegal drug trade continues to rise in Jaipur despite Jaipur Police taking action daily against those selling illegal liquor, opium, charas, and ganja.

A total of 353 drug addicts have been arrested by the police of 13 police stations in Jaipur. These drug addicts have been caught by the police while intoxicated.

Under the influence of drugs, they indulge in crimes of chain snatching, robbery, and theft in houses, snatching mobiles, molesting women, and others.

DCP North Deshmukh Paris said that the police have caught 35 drug addicts in Galta Gate. In Ramganj, police arrested 39 addicts with 552 charas and ganja, Manak Chowk police 15, Subhash Chowk 31, Amer 29, Brahmapuri 24, Kotwali 21, Nahargarh 38, Sanjay circle 22 and 11 addicts in Jalupura. 

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