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Baby with ‘hole in heart’ gets new life under Chiranjeevi

Jaipur: A team of doctors at SMS hospital gave new life to 1.5-year-old Tanishq after a complicated operation free of cost under the CM Chiranjeevi Yojana. Tanishq was suffering from down syndrome along with a hole in his heart. Before coming to SMS hospital, the relatives got him treated at many hospitals, but everywhere the operation was refused citing age factor.

In such a situation, the family members contacted CTVS surgeon Dr Hemlata Verma at SMS hospital. Dr Verma said that in this disease the blood starts flowing from the heart to the lungs through the hole in the heart. Due to this the pressure in the lungs becomes very high. If the operation gets delayed, impure blood starts flowing in the opposite direction and when the condition worsens, blood starts coming out from the internal organs.

Dr Verma said that usually heart hole operation is done immediately in new born children but the age of this child was a bit more. There is a lot of risk in this type of operation but with the consent of the family members the operation was done and now the child is recovering slowly.

Both Centre, State Govts fail to procure jab for Tanishq, kid dies

Jaipur: Tanishq, a two-year-old toddler, who was suffering from the rare Spinal Muscular Atrophy disorder, lost the battle of life on Monday while waiting for an injection worth Rs 16 crore. Amid assurances from the State and the Central Governments, Tanishq, the only child of a family from Narwa village in Nagaur, finally breathed his last.

For his treatment, his parents Deepika Kanwar and Shaitan Singh and relatives wandered from door to door, the matter reached from the officials to the leaders and from the State to the Central Government, but all these exercises proved to be dwarf in saving his life.

MP Hanuman Beniwal had met the Union Health Minister and appealed to help the victim’s family by relieving them of their suffering. But Tanishq and his family kept hoping for help from this action.

Children suffering from the rare disease spinal muscular atrophy lack water in their body, they are not able to breastfeed properly and the body parts gradually stop working.

Like Tanishq, there are more than half a dozen innocent children who are suffering from this rare disease.

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