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On CS Pant’s vigil, Collectors are focused on their work!

Jaipur: A major change has come about with the formation of the new government last year in the state, as the frequent visits of District Collectors to the state capital, Jaipur, have stopped. Over the past five months, Collectors have visited Jaipur only a handful of times, and that too regarding only the state work. Most of the Collectors have not visited Jaipur even once since the new government was formed.

In this regard, Chief Secretary Sudhansh Pant has given strict directions to Collectors. Last week, when a Collector from the Kota Division sought time from the Chief Secretary, he was enquired as to the reason for which he wanted to meet the CS. In response, the Collector informed that he wanted the state government’s direction on three matters. Post this, CS did not call the Collector to Jaipur but gave guidance and direction through video conferencing.

CS has given a general direction to Collectors in this regard that they should not visit without any reason and unless called for. Collectors have been given appropriate powers and guidelines for all district-related works, and thus they can make decisions on their level. Apart from this, on a need basis, they can interact with senior officials and hold discussions via VC.

CS Pant believes that Collectors should focus their attention on the districts and should have complete control over the district’s administration. Since a need has not arisen so far, hence, the government has not called collectors even once to Jaipur.

Notably, in the previous government, Collectors used to frequent Jaipur every other day on one or the other pretext. Some Collectors used to spend their weekends and holidays in Jaipur itself and during the VC meetings of the then CS, they used to get their attendance registered while being in the state capital itself! Interestingly, one Collector, who was purportedly close to the government, didn’t even stay in his assigned district, and at that time, no one would question them.

But now everything has changed and the ‘good governance initiative’ can be felt in districts too. But all this has happened due to CS Pant’s marathon monitoring and he is vigilant about what is happening where!

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