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Nihalchand broke Cong dominance from this seat

Jaipur: Ganganagar, also known as Sri Ganganagar, holds significant political relevance as a parliamentary constituency within the larger context of Rajasthan’s political landscape. This constituency has witnessed diverse political affiliations over the years but is mostly considered a Congress stronghold, in which the BJP’s Nihal Chand Meghwal has been winning for the last two terms. A similar winning streak by him was broken in 2009 by Congress’ Bharat Ram Meghwal. Ganganagar’s political journey has seen representatives from various parties, including the Congress, Janata Party, Janata Dal, and BJP. Ganganagar constituency is home to a diverse population, primarily comprising individuals from diverse caste backgrounds, with Punjabi and Sikh being the predominant ones, which affects the polling strategies of parties in the area.

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