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New Year tour: PoW reaches Jaipur with foreign tourists

Jaipur: Nearly 53 tourists from seven different countries will celebrate their new year inside the luxury train ‘Palace on Wheels’ on December 31. The luxury train departed from New Delhi on Wednesday and reached Jaipur’s Gandhi Nagar Railway Station on Thursday. The foreign guests were given a warm welcome at Gandhi Nagar Railway Station wherein folk artists also gave their performances.

“The new year tour began on December 28 and will end on January 3. Special decorations have been done on the train for the New Year. Specially curated dinner, DJ, dance, plum pudding, turkey, and fireworks have also been arranged. There will be a grand celebration in Udaipur. The tourism industry has also gained strength due to the continuous arrival of tourists on the royal train,” said Pradeep Bohra, Consultant GM of Palace on Wheels.

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