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New list awaited with appointment of new CS!

Jaipur: The most notable aspect about the IAS transfer list issued on Saturday has been the empowerment of Child Empowerment department and 2005 batch IAS Arushi Malik has been made the 'chief' of the department as she will handle the responsibilities, both of Secretary and Commissioner. This is for the first time that a full time and independent Secretary has been appointed as till now Joint Secretary and Special Secretary used to handle the reins. From December 2021, Samit Sharma held the additional charge of Secretary. Arushi Malik is a MBBS doctor and after undergoing a one year long medical education in USA, she has returned to the state this month. It was being hoped that she would be given some assignment in medical sector.

In the transfer list, Samit Sharma's burden has been lessened. Till few months back, he had the burden of three departments - Secretary, Social Justice, Secretary, Women and Child department, and Secretary Child Rights (Empowerment). After a controversy arose, the charge of Women and Child development was taken from him in February 2023. And in the recent list, the responsibility of Child Rights department has also been taken from him.

The appointment of Bhanu Prakash Yeturu, once again, in the Home department as Secretary, has become a topic of discussion. He was given the additional charge in July 2022 and thereafter in October, he was made the Secretary but within six months he was transferred out of the department. In Principal Secretary (Home) Anand Kumar's team, now there are two Secretaries, one special secretary and one joint secretary.

2013 batch IAS Shruti Bhardwaj has been transferred out of Water Resources department after two years and now she has been given the responsibility of Project Director of Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan in the Education department. This is an important campaign worth crores of rupees which has a sixty percent partnership of the central government. And thus the post of Project Director in the campaign is considered an important and high position.

Actually, the chief of Education Department is the head of campaign but when Pawan Goyal was ACS of the department, he had transferred all his power to the then Project Director Mohan Lal Yadav. It is this posted with delegated powers on which Shruti Bhardwaj has come.

Avdhesh Meena has been transferred for the third time this year and has been now posted in Home department. In his place, appointment of H Guite in the specially abled department is a talk of the town. Guite has returned after spending three years in Manipur on Home deputation. Now, the new IAS list, which will come with the appointment of new Chief Secretary will be extremely important and is thus being awaited eagerly.

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