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NCB Zonal Director, Shri Ghanasyam Soni, Marks 39th Raising Day with Campus Visit, Urges Students to Combat Drug Abuse


On the occasion of the 39th raising day of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on 09 March 2024, Ghanasyam Soni, IRS, Zonal Director of Jodhpur & Jaipur, undertook a significant visit to Sanjivini Mahavidyalaya, situated in Vijay Nagar on Beawar Road.

The purpose of his visit was not only to commemorate the NCB's raising day but also to engage with the college administration and students on the pressing issue of drug abuse. Upon arrival at Sanjivini Mahavidyalaya, Ghanasyam Soni held discussions with the college administration, including the Principal, Rohitashva Kumawat, and other relevant staff members. This meeting provided an opportunity to exchange insights, discuss collaborative efforts, and explore ways to address drug abuse within the college community and beyond. Following the meeting with the college administration, Ghanasyam Soni proceeded to address the students directly.

Soni aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and empowerment among the youth to make informed choices and resist peer pressure related to drug use. Moreover, during his address to the students, Ghanasyam Soni highlighted the role and responsibilities of the NCB in combating drug trafficking and abuse, as well as the importance of cooperation between law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, and communities in addressing this societal challenge. In addition to engaging with the college administration and students, Ghanasyam Soni took the opportunity to commend the initiative of Rohitashva Kumawat, the Principal of Sanjivini Mahavidyalaya. Kumawat's proactive approach and efforts in promoting a drug-free campus environment.

Zonal Director stressed that such initiatives and collaborations are vital in the ongoing efforts to create safer and healthier communities, aligning with the broader mission of the NCB to ensure narcotics control.

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