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‘Nakul’ dies in Amagarh; ‘Rana’ climbs watch tower

Jaipur: A news from Amagarh Leopard Reserve shocked wildlife lovers on Sunday after dead body of about 4-year-old male leopard Nakul was found. Range officer Janeshwar Choudhary, who reached the spot, took stock of situation and inquired about entire incident from the forest employee. Janeshwar Chaudhary said that there were injury marks on leopard’s head & there were also wounds on the right side of the stomach.

Meanwhile, Delhi’s wildlife photographer Mukul Sangwan captured an interesting scene at Jhalana Leopard Safari in Jaipur on Saturday. A male leopard, Rana, sat on the watch tower to look at the female leopard, Barfi, who was drinking water. Sangwan recalled how a squirrel suddenly sprang up and Barfi tried to hunt it.

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