Monday, June, 17,2024

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Multi-crore cash and land deals uncovered in raids at 17 places

Jaipur/Pali/Jodhpur: Income Tax officials received major success in the Income Tax raids at 17 locations in Pali, Pipliya Kalan and Jodhpur since Tuesday. Officials have collected evidence of cash payment of about Rs 20 crore in the purchase and sale of about 700 bighas of land in Jodhpur. The raid continued till late night for the second consecutive day at five places in Pali, 6 places in Pipliya Kalan and 7 places in Jodhpur. Additionally, Rs 75 lakh in cash was found and will be examined. In a separate action at Uma Polymers Group in Jodhpur, officials recovered Rs 80 lakh in cash, valuable jewellery, and documents related to the purchase and sale of over 700 bighas of land.

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