Wednesday, June, 19,2024

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More docs join Right to Health Bill protest

Jaipur: All the doctors’ organizations have now come together to protest against the proposed Right to Health Bill in the state. As they boycotted work at private hospitals and nursing homes, a meeting of teachers was held in Jaipur Medical Association in which Rajasthan serving doctors Sangh, Upchar and other organizations supported the movement.

Representatives of all the medical organizations said that the Right to Health Bill should not be accepted under any circumstance. Dr Ajay Chaudhary, State President of Rajasthan Serving Doctors Association, JMA President Dr Tarun Ojha, Secretary Dr Anurag Sharma, Dr Sunil Gadsa, representative of treatment and many medical organizations were present.

Dr Vijay Kapoor, Secretary, Private Hospital and Nursing Home Society said, “If the government wants, then they should first provide the Right to Food, Right to Sanitization bill. It is wrong to impose the Right to Health Bill only on medical institutions.”

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