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More devp on the cards after Gehlot govt is formed for 4th time: Dhariwal

Jaipur: UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal said on Friday that after the formation of Gehlot government for the fourth time in Raj, other divisional HQs in cities will also be developed on lines of Kota, in a press conference organised at Raj Int’l Centre for inauguration of Chambal River Front Project and City Park of Kota.

Dhariwal said that CM Ashok Gehlot will inaugurate Chambal River Front Project of Kota on September 12. “CM Gehlot will also inaugurate City Park on Sept 13. The cabinet meeting will also be held on Sept 13 only. The way Bhilwara model became famous during the Corona period. Similarly, now the Kota model will be famous in entire country in urban development,” he said.

The UDH Minister said that more than 2 lakh children take coaching in Kota. “Their parents and other family members visit Kota at least twice a year. These people will visit places like Chambal River Front Project and City Park etc. If we tell other people about this place then soon Kota will emerge as a big tourist destination in country.” “Kota City Improvement Trust has given all this amount from its budget. Not a single rupee has been taken from State or Central govts.

Consultant and famous architect Anoop Barataria said “The dirty water of 27 drains was treated. Flood control has also been done with this project. The Kota model has emerged as an example for entire nation. 360 degree development of Kota was done. An American firm will look after the project’s operation & maintenance.”

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