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MLA Yadav runs to fight against unemployment

Jaipur: To protest against the rising unemployment and the injustice done to youths and farmer labourers, independent MLA from Alwar’s Behror constituency Baljeet Yadav targeted the central and the state government as he began his protest run at Central Park in Jaipur on Monday.

MLA took 22 rounds of Central Park and completed a total distance of 91 kilometers while running. In March 2022 also, Yadav had protested against unemployment and corruption by running at Central Park from morning to evening. The MLA targeted the central and state government for increasing unemployment among the youth and said that the governments are not serious about it.

“I will continue to raise my voice till the government meets our demand,” he told reporters. The youths of Rajasthan are lagging behind and people from other states are getting jobs. There are many states where youth from outside are not allowed,” he said. He added that the government is only giving assurances and taking any action.

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