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Man robs bank of Rs 5.23 lakh at gunpoint in Ajmer

Jaipur: An masked man on Monday robbed Rs 5.23 lakh at gunpoint from a bank in Kishangarh town of Ajmer district, police said.
The incident happened at Adarsh Cooperative Bank in the afternoon, when a man with his face covered barged into the bank and forced the cashier to give him the cash he had on him at gunpoint, they said.
"The bank officials have lodged a complaint that Rs 5.23 lakh cash was looted by a masked man at gunpoint. There is no CCTV camera installed outside the bank. There are some videos captured from the camera installed inside the bank," DSP Lokendra Dadarwal said.
Three officials were present inside the bank at the time of the robbery, he said. The matter is being investigated and the robber is being searched for.(PTI)

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