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LSG Minister, CS ‘unhappy’ with Secretary Meena’s ‘work ethic’!

Jaipur: It is a mystery as to why LSG Secretary Kailash Chand Meena is not serious regarding his work. He avoids meetings of the Chief Secretary and observes abnormal delay in disposal of files. Notably, it has not been even three months since Meena, a 2005 batch promotee IAS, had held the reins of the LSG as Secretary.

CS had kept a meeting of Secretaries in her chambers on Wednesday. Since in previous meetings KC Meena sent his department’s Director instead of personally attending the meetings, hence the CS’s office specially messaged the Secretary to attend the meeting. When Meena finally reached the meeting, CS asked him as to why doesn’t he attend the meetings?

KC Meena takes a huge amount of time in disposal of files and holds the files for several days. Minister Shanti Dhariwal has sought his written reply in this regard twice. On September 15, the minister sent a notesheet of details of four files, which were released by the Secretary after fourteen days! The minister wrote that this is an example and there could be more files. The minister directed the Secretary that ‘files should be disposed immediately and care should be taken that there is no delay.’

In fact, there was one file which stayed with the Secretary for twenty eight days! The minister asked the Secretary on September 18 once again the reason for delay, saying, “I had objected in the past too for holding on to the files for several days, but I am observing that every file is released after excessive delay.”

Interestingly, the file related to DPC of engineers of LSG department is on Secretary Meena’s table for the past one week and rumours from his PA cell state that the Secretary has casually mentioned that now model code of conduct is going to come into force and when the new government comes, it will handle the matter.

Only nine months are left in KC Meena’s retirement and it could be that he has already entered the ‘retirement mood’. But he is holding the reins of an important and huge department like LSG and owing to his lackadaisical attitude, the entire department is suffering.

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