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Local bodies to now decide land usage change; UDH grants power

Jaipur: Rajasthan government has empowered local bodies to take a decision on their level in the cases of land use change if it is in accordance with the master plan or zonal plan. Land use change of plots of all sizes will be done by the concerned bodies at their own level.

This will save time and will speed up the disposal of cases. UDH and LSG have issued an order in this regard. The local bodies will not have to send the file to the government for approval in case the land use is in accordance with the master or zonal plan.

The concerned bodies will be able to settle all the matters at their own level, an official said.
Till now Municipal Council, Municipal Corporation and Municipality could dispose of cases of plots having sizes up to 500 sqm while UITs were authorized to change land use of plots up to 2500 square meters and Development authorities could change the land use of plots up to 4000 square meters.

The same system was applicable in cases applicable as per master plan and zonal plan.
Now, as per the order, the local bodies will be able to dispose of cases no matter how much area of a plot is.

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