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Leopard rescue operation continues at Golf Resort

Jaipur: Leopard rescue operation continued at Cambay Golf Resort on Agra Road on Monday. In the presence of Range Officer Janeshwar Chaudhary, Senior Veterinarian Dr Ashok Tanwar and members of the rescue team shifted the cub to a smaller cage and placed two larger cages on either side of the smaller cage so that the female leopard could also be caged in. If this does not happen, the female leopard will have to be tranquilised on Tuesday.

On Sunday evening, a leopard’s cub got into the cage installed by the forest department, but the female leopard was left outside. Since then, the female leopard was seen quite aggressive and did not leave the place. This hit the rescue operation by the forest department.

However, according to information, the female leopard has another cub. If the mother leopard is reunited with the cub in the cage, the other cub would be left alone.

The properties included Cambay golf academy and golf resorts. Villas bought by people there were also sealed. Since there is no habitation, leopards from nearby forest areas started frequenting it.

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