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Leopard enters Jaipur’s heritage hotel, rescued

Jaipur: A leopard entered Jaipur’s heritage hotel Kanota Castle on Thursday causing panic among the tourists, who rushed out of the hotel to save their lives. It took 1.5 hour for the Forest Department team to tranquilize the leopard after which people heaved a sigh of relief. The leopard was taken to the Nahargarh Rescue Centre.

In the morning, the dogs at the hotel suddenly started barking. Soon, a tourist saw the leopard and informed the hotel staff about it. The leopard had entered the hotel staff room. Hotel owner Mansingh informed the forest department team.

Bassi Ranger Prithviraj Meena said that our team and the team of Jaipur Zoo reached the spot. “There was no loss of life during rescue operation,” he said.

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