Tuesday, May, 30,2023

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Kirodi accuses Congress of doing politics of appeasement, defends Central govt

Jaipur: Accusing Congress is doing politics of appeasement, BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Kirodi Lal Meena on Saturday said that crime has increased and many incidents of riots have occurred but the government took no effective action and saved the accused. “An incident took place in Karauli in which stone-pelting also took place. A Congress councilor was involved in this case but he was not arrested. Congress councilor was linked to PFI,” he alleged. “People are beaten to death but Congress does not take any action, stones are pelted during Kavad Yatra but Congress does not say anything.” The BJP leader also cornered the government over rape cases and said there is a difference between the words and actions of the Congress government. Defending the central government over the issue of privatization, Meena said the central government is not privatizing the railways.

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