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Kabzaa: High hopes, less impact

Jaipur: The recently released Kabzaa, written and directed by R. Chandru, did not seem to impress the audience as it should have been, as several fans of south cinema left the ‘almost predictable’ piece of art midway, before it even entered the last minute on the 70-mm screen.

Direction: The 2.30 hour long drama is shown as expected, the lavish sets, magnanimous looks, delightful costumes and what not. The movie has done justice in terms of its direction but lacked to hold the audience onto seats. The dialogues in the movie did not leave an impact, as it is highly expected from the Kannada Cinema. Hence, the dissatisfied audience were heard saying “Every South movie is not KGF” in the loo during interval. 

Acting: Starring ‘Real Star’ Upendra, Sudeep, Shriya Saran among others, Kabzaa did not seem to leave an impact like it fascinated the people to reach cinema screens after its trailer launched. The blank screens and sound in almost every scene of the movie, the intro music that felt like the whole movie is a trailer in itself and last but not the least, the performance and storyline of the movie could have been better if the focus was put more on the storytelling and not editing. 

Look: For look and feel, the movie gets 5/5, which compensates the time you have spent in the theater. Sound is top notch, but at some points it hurts the ear too, so much so that our popcorn tub almost fell from the shock. Unwanted drama, appearances have made the story lengthy, which could have been avoided. 

Conclusion: Almost each moment in the movie makes you feel that something is going to happen now, but eventually the “Real Star” enters and kills them all. At least, the dialogues could have been impactful because “Jhukega Nai Saala ' is still on our minds and Kabzaa could have done better to at least keep the writing heavy, if not the feel. 

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