Tuesday, September, 27,2022

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Jaipur: The Khandela SDM for whom the advocates of the state are agitating and protesting is a junior RAS Rakesh Kumar, who became RAS last year after getting promoted from Tehsildar services. Notably, in July 2020, he was given his first posting as Khandela SDM.

There are several questions which need answers. Firstly, when for the past one year repeated complaints regarding corruption were being made against him, then why wasn’t he ever transferred, while several RAS and SDM in the state have been transferred. Secondly, which political power play has ensured that the SDM remains comfortably placed in the position? How did such a junior officer get involved in corruption? How was he so powerful in the region that the police was also a ‘party’ in his game?

Sixteen years are left for Rakesh Kumar’s service and he could have been given a good posting before retiring but in the very first year and the very first posting, Kumar destroyed his career. Now a demand is being raised that the powers of SDM related to revenue cases - hearing and decision making - should be taken back which could be a worrisome point for the entire RAS cadre.

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