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JLF 2023: The Art of Bitfulness: Keeping Calm In The Digital World

Jaipur: On the fourth day of JLF 2023, the morning was indulged with a mind nerving session about how to use technology to the best of its advantage.

Talking about pandemic, Nandan said, "The book came out of pandemic, we found we were spending more and more time on phone, poeple were getting a lot upset and the book is really about how to be on top of it."

Talking about how people are losing themselves mentally in tech, Tanuj said, "everybody is frustrated, taking a break from social media has become common for genZ and millenials. How we cope up and use technology, the methods are same , irrespective of the kind of tech."

Current tech revolution in a historical context - impact of industrialisation, family level changes

People are now becoming more individualistic
Smartphone leading us there?

As per Nandan, we are becoming more and more inward with tech and filter bubbles. We only want to be around content that we want to hear and that goes along with our ideologies.

"Risk is that this stuff moves with hyperspeed - it makes all more difficult to predict where this will end up," says Nandan.

As per Tanuj, "It is crucial to rearchitect tech to create more prosperous and inclusive society - fundamental driving factor is countering the winner takes all approach."

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