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Jhalana favourite leopard reserve of country, leopard population hits 721

Jaipur: As we celebrate International Leopard Day on Friday, Jhalana continues to be the favorite leopard reserve of the country. Jaipur is an example of better coordination between humans and wildlife with the movement of about 100 leopards inside the capital and its periphery.

Jaipur is the only city in the world where two leopard safaris are underway and preparations for the third one is on. Jhalana has more than 40 leopards and more than 20 each are in Amagarh, Nahargarh, Ramgarh, Achrol, and Bassi.

There has also been an increase in the population of leopards in the country. The number of leopards has reached 13874 in 2023 as compared to 12852 in 2018. Madhya Pradesh has the highest of 3907 leopards followed by 1985 in Maharashtra, Karnataka 1879, & Tamil Nadu 1070. In Rajasthan, the number of leopards has reached 721. Project Leopard was started at Jhalana.

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