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Jaipur: Gehrao by Rajasthan Panchayat Samiti Member Association on Legislative Assembly for 9-point demands

Jaipur: Rajasthan Panchayat Samiti Member Association took the move of ‘gherao’ on Rajasthan Legislative Assembly for its 9-point demands. Under the leadership of State President Rajendra Surpura, Panchayat Samiti members and all office bearers from all Panchayat Samitis of the state participated in this protest.

For the first time in Rajasthan, an organization of Panchayat Samiti members has been formed at the entire State level, the movement started in November-2022 by submitting a memorandum to the Honorable Chief Minister at the sub-division level and these memorandums were given at the subdivision level in almost all the 352 panchayat committees of the State. After that, in the second phase, a memorandum was given at the district level and in this series of movement, meetings were boycotted in all the panchayat committees and now the members of the entire State and all the office bearers of the union, the district presidents have presented their 9-point demands to the government. The demands were placed firmly in front of the government in which they asked for honorarium, administrative rights, budget for development to the members, right to Form 5, right to UCCC etc. from the government.

State General Secretary Suresh Chauhan said that Panchayat Samiti members and Zilla Parishad members have been agitating for their demands for a long time. SHe further stated that for the first time in Rajasthan, Panchayat Samiti members have raised such a voice.

“We want to tell the government that if it does not adopt a sensitive attitude towards our demands, then this movement of ours will be more fierce in the coming times. If our demands are not met, we will also give mass resignation,” said Chauhan.

Apart from this, State President of Pradhan Sangh, Dinesh Sunda also appeared to support the movement of Panchayat Samiti members. In order to demand rights for Mukesh Sharma, Bhagwan Singh Jadon and members of Panchayat Samiti, State President of Zilla Parishad members Sunil Singh Fauladpuria, Raj Kanwar were also present, in this huge protest.

State Spokesperson Mahesh Yadav informed that in order to raise the voice of the Panchayat Samiti members, at least 11 MLAs have raised our query in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly and more than 70 MLAs have written a letter to the Honorable Chief Minister in support of the Panchayat Samiti members. And all the Pradhans of the 352 Panchayat Samiti members of Rajasthan are supporting the movement of Panchayat Samiti members together, unitedly, unitedly.

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