Tuesday, June, 18,2024

Jaipur: An initiative to revive Sanskrit; showcasing Humor in a Creative Way

Jaipur: The JECRC University, School of Design organized an exhibition "Nayapun 2-12" in  collaboration with Ravi Gupta Artist, Comedian and conceptualised by Pencilbox at JKK.
The unique exhibition 'Nayapun 2-12',  showcased humor through creative design. The three-day exhibition featured 60 students exhibiting a total of 9 posters, 20 slangs and 17 models, attracting a large audience. 

'Nayapun 2-12' was the exhibition where humor was displayed through the skillful use of Hindi and English words with different meanings but sounding the same. Combining and reducing the words revealed hidden humor and satire that made people laugh. 

In addition, 'Yo Pradarshanam', another exhibition at the event, showcased Sanskrit through slang. This exhibition brought out Sanskrit, one of India's heritage and the world's richest languages, from the books. In this exhibition, 20 words commonly used in today's language such as FOMO, LOL, HEY, etc., were translated into Sanskrit.
"The exhibition was a great success, and we are thrilled to have brought Sanskrit and humor to life in such a creative way," said the organizers.

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