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IT raid: SSB Group and Derewala Group surrender crores

Jaipur: The Income Tax Department’s action has been completed at various locations of two builders in Jaipur. Out of this, according to highly placed sources, Harish Jagtani has accepted Rs 15 crore and Jugal Derewala group has accepted Rs 65 crore as black money and surrendered the same to the IT Department. Action is still going on at locations of the remaining three builders.

Harish Jagtani, Chairman of SSB Group, who has been working in the real estate sector for the last many years, issued a press note saying that he is a true patriot and is doing business following the laws and regulations of India. The group claimed that rumours doing rounds of his arrest and IT Department finding undisclosed income from the group are absolutely baseless. It claimed that it is not working with any other builder group. It announced that the group has been working in Congo for many years where it is engaged in medical work along with several other fields. During the recent IT investigation, Jagtani has fully cooperated and claimed that he will fully cooperate with the government agencies in future also.

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