Saturday, April, 01,2023

Is the time to shift ‘loyalties’ here?

Jaipur: With the arrival of election year, it seems that it is also the season for the arrival of ‘Ayarams and Gayarams’ of politics. According to highly placed sources, four renowned & ‘powerful’ Congress leaders are in touch with BJP! Word is that amongst these 4 men, two of them are Cabinet Ministers, one is a Minister of State & another one is a Jat leader of Nagaur district. Interestingly, among the two Cabinet Ministers, one Cabinet Minister has always been close to Gehlot.

Moreover, many issues related to land and property, of this Minister, have been settled by Gehlot government. He is associated with Jaipur division. Meanwhile, another Minister has a cooperative background and the MoS is also associated with Jaipur division, who is extremely interested in creating new districts.

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