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Is Lalit Modi your agent, Hooda asks Central govt

Jaipur: Congress MP Deepender Singh Hooda has targeted the BJP over Lalit Modi’s statement before filing a court case against Rahul Gandhi in London. Hooda, while talking to the media at the state Congress HQs on Friday said that Lalit Modi is accused of running away from the country with crores. “He is a fugitive sitting abroad and speaking in favour of the BJP and the Central government. The Central government should tell whether Lalit Modi is its agent. Why did Interpol’s red corner notice against fugitive Mehul Choksi withdrawn,” asked Hooda.

Hooda said that Lalit Modi was on the run and all the agencies of the country were behind him. “He is accused in corruption cases. Will the words of such a person be heard in the country now,” he asked? He sought an answer from the government and asked it to clarify why he was speaking as their agent?

On the question of factionalism in Raj Cong, Hooda said that the Congress party is united in State and BJP should worry about itself. “When state president of BJP assumed his office, the way big leaders kept distance from him, it is clear that there is factionalism in BJP,” he pointed out.

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