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IPD Tower battles funding hurdles amid poor planning

Jaipur: The construction of the IPD tower has been running into rough weather. After the controversy surrounding it eclipsing the heritage of Jaipur’s Albert Hall, now it has been hit with the paucity of funds. Actually medical education departments wish that the building should be 24 floors as per the approved design and for this project JDA has sanctioned Rs 516 crore. But for construction of a total 24 floors, Rs 100 crore more are required and JDA won’t be giving this additional amount, as such the officials of the department are now doing the exercise for additional budget.

Meanwhile health experts opine that the planning of IPD tower may invite certain issues also. Given the size of this infrastructure in the coming future the place will see an acute shortage of parking space while there will be congestion on the road also because of the vehicles. Moreover, there will be a flood of attendants once this tower becomes operational and for them there is no place where they can stay.

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