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I wish to win Olympic medal: Divyakirti

Jaipur: Asian games Gold medalist and now Arjuna awardee from Rajasthan Divyakirti Singh was honoured by First India News on Wednesday for her huge achievement. Speaking exclusively to First India News, the Arjuna awardee gave credit for her success to her coaches, trainers, parents as well as her horses too.

  • How did you feel when you received the Arjuna Award?
    To win a gold in dressage for India after 41 years and to start 2024 with an Arjuna Award is the biggest moment of my life and I am extremely grateful and honoured. It was a surreal feeling and a great moment when the Arjuna Award was given to me at Rashtrapati Bhawan in the presence of so many honourable people.
  • How supportive were your parents during your journey?
    Without my parents’ support, I wouldn’t have won the gold medal.
  • How challenging is horse riding?
    In horse riding, each horse in our team has its own individual personality, being a living being with unique traits. Unlike in other sports where challenges are more predictable, riding involves a high level of uncertainty.
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