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'I can buy and sell you millions of times...' Lalit Modi's open threat to senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi for calling him a fugitive

Jaipur: Lalit Modi, who started the IPL surrounded by allegations of money laundering, is once again in the news. In fact, he openly threatened senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi on social media.
Lalit Modi wrote a long post sharing a picture of Rohatgi on his Instagram account, which he later deleted. Accused of billions of rupees scam and living abroad, Lalit Modi has threatened renowned lawyer Mukul Rohatgi to stop calling him a fugitive.
In a post addressed to Mukul Rohatgi on his Instagram account, Modi has written that he knows that he is fond of gossiping in lawyers' gatherings. "But avoid calling me a fugitive in that gossip. If you want to discuss me, address me as Mr. Modi. Next time I will not tell you so politely and softly, the post read."
In this post which came on the Instagram account in the name of Lalit Modi, it is also written that he does not need help from Rohatgi in any court of the world.
He wrote - Respected Mr Rohatgi, because I never used you - I did not have your number. I always have respect for you. But you only have contempt. It is my humble humble request to avoid calling me fugitive ever in your life. You can be a short term lawyer and thus this profession makes you a comedian etc. If a court had said so, I would not have said anything. Saying straight I will not say politely again. Life is too short. There can be danger everywhere. Big people also roam on foot in the streets of many cities of the world. Recently I had a narrow escape from getting hit by a bus.

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