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Ajmer: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina along with a delegation visited the Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Dargah in Ajmer on Thursday. Upon reaching the Jaipur airport, she was welcomed by Rajasthan Education Minister BD Kalla and Chief Secretary Usha Sharma. Traditional artists of Rajasthan welcomed her with a folk dance. Hasina also danced with them at the airport itself. During Hasina’s visit to the dargah, it was completely evacuated and the lanes leading from the road were closed and traffic was diverted. She was accompanied by her relatives and over 30 cabinet ministers. Hasina was welcomed by two children at the dargah. After Ziyarat, she was given a chunni and a picture of her. Hasina also gave a tribute to the Khadim.

Hasina prayed for the strong ties between Bangladesh and India at the dargah. She was welcomed by the Dargah Committee and was presented with a Tabruk and a sword. Hasina wrote her message in Bangladeshi language in the visitor’s book of the Dargah Committee. Then, she reached the circuit house in Bajranggarh and left for Jaipur. All shops and houses from the fountain circle of Ajmer to Dargah market via Delhi Gate were closed from 11 am on Thursday. People were banned from standing in their balconies, shop, hotel and guesthouses. Only those issued a pass by the district administration were allowed to enter the area.

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