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Guv lauds Sikkim’s beauty & cultural heritage

Jaipur: The Foundation Day of Sikkim was celebrated ceremoniously at Raj Bhavan on Thursday. During this, Governor Kalraj Mishra interacted with the local people of Sikkim and congratulated them on the Foundation Day.

He said that this region of North-East is not only rich from natural point of view but is also the carrier of India’s eternal culture. Discussing the history and culture of Sikkim state, Mishra said that on May 16, it became the 22nd state of India.

Describing Sikkim as a state of valleys, forests and rivers, the Governor also called for learning from the work done there for environmental protection. “This is the first organic state of the country and the way the local people have preserved the nature conservation traditions of Sikkim is exemplary for other states of the country also,” he said.

Mishra got Preamble of Constitution read it out to everyone. The people of Sikkim greeted the Governor on the occasion. On this occasion, Secretary to the Governor, Gaurav Goyal and Chief Officer Govind Ram Jaiswal were also present.

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