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Gehlot’s wisdom saved Govt: Meghwa

Jaipur: In the midst of the ongoing ‘tussle’ of camps in the Congress, now the ministers of the Gehlot camp have openly started rhetoric in their favour with Disaster Relief Minister Govind Meghwal terming CM Ashok Gehlot an ideology. Meghwal said, “If CM Gehlot were not there, then our condition would have worsened. We would not have been Ministers today. It is Gehlot’s wisdom that saved the Government. Gehlot is creating unity in the whole of Rajasthan. Ashok Gehlot is an ideology in itself. He conducted a great management in COVID pandemic. Today, under Gehlot’s rule, one by one schemes for the welfare of the people are going on. We will walk ahead under the leadership of such a leader.”

The Minister further said, “Gehlot follows great men like Mahatma Gandhi, Jyotiba Phule, and Ambedkar. Schemes that have been brought forward by our leader Ashok Gehlot, will not be found in any state of the country. He has always given facilities in advance. Like Mahatma Phule, Gehlot is emphasising on education. English schools have been opened so that even the poorest children can take good education.”

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