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Gehlot’s “free mobile” beneficiaries can really vote even for BJP?

Jaipur: While challenges abound before the Gehlot government in its ‘vision-2023’ i.e. the desire of repeating the government in the 2023 Assembly elections, however, one particular challenge, that has ‘erupted’ almost out of nowhere has made the Congress leaders huddle on the drawing board.

The issue pertains to the Gehlot government’s free mobile scheme under which mobile phones are being distributed to women. Over the past fortnight, two videos have gone viral on social media platforms and in one such recent video, a rural woman is seen talking in Rajasthani language, saying, “Modi government has given me the phone, I will cast my vote to Modi only.”

And it is this ‘naturally occurring’ feedback, that has created worry among Congress’ strategists,who are mulling over one point: Are the women, who have taken free mobiles from the Congress government, really thinking of voting for the BJP?

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