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Gehlot’s ex-aide exposes audio tape scandal, criticises leadership

Jaipur: Lokesh Sharma, former OSD of former CM Ashok Gehlot, in a press conference in Jaipur, asserted that Gehlot provided him with incriminating audio tapes during a crisis in 2020, implicating the BJP in MLA horse-trading accusations. Sharma revealed that Gehlot instructed him to destroy the mobile used for the audios. Gehlot suspected Sharma hadn’t complied, leading to an SOG raid on his office. He criticised Gehlot’s leadership, claiming he ignored his wellbeing after legal troubles and defended others implicated in misconduct.

“When FIR was filed against me for phone tapping, Gehlot promised SC action, but I face harassment from Delhi Police now. Gehlot protected DP Jaroli in paper leak case. I’m ready to provide evidence for an impartial probe by current govt,” he said. Union Minister GS Shekhawat denied phone tapping allegations as baseless. He criticised Gehlot for prioritising political vendettas over governance, neglecting security & promises for political gain.

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