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Gehlot-Soni’s 20 minute meet leaves babudom ‘perplexed’!

Jaipur: An approximately 20- minute long meeting between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and Director General of the Anti Corruption Bureau BL Soni has raised the curiosity of the ‘bureaucratic realm’ and particularly of the IPS community of the state. The meeting that took place on Friday morning, when the Chief Minister was on his way to the State hanger, has left officials making wild guesses about what might have transpired during those 20 minutes. Soni reached CMR in the morning to meet Gehlot from where CM took Soni with him from his residence to the State hanger. Usually Gehlot sits on the front seat of the car but on Friday morning, CM sat with Soni on the back seat of the car and on the way, the duo held an important discussion.

After the meeting, there was a fresh grapevine that Gehlot must have offered him some suitable post retirement offer, which , is also likely to happen when Soni retires on December 31 this year. However, according to reliable input, there was only some ‘personal issue,’ which was discussed between the two during the meeting.

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