Thursday, June, 20,2024

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Gehlot in Amethi: Attacks BJP over misuse of Central agencies

Amethi/Jaipur: Former Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has launched a scathing attack on the BJP. Gehlot who was campaigning in Amethi, accused the BJP of using central agencies like the ED, Income Tax Department, and CBI to dominate the country. He described the current political climate as one of "political hooliganism," alleging that BJP members are toppling democratically elected governments.

Gehlot cited instances in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Karnataka where he claims the BJP engaged in horse-trading to bring down elected governments. He also mentioned that Congress party accounts have been frozen and that two of its Chief Ministers have been imprisoned.

On the topic of the Ram Temple, Gehlot made a significant statement, asserting that there is no threat to the Ram Temple, which has been constructed following a Supreme Court order.

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