Thursday, September, 28,2023


Rajasthan: For well over two decades now, demands have been raised, time and again, to ‘restructure’ the administrative layout of Rajasthan. This restructuring was needed considering the changes in population and the facility paradigm currently available in the state. With increased reach of the government in populated areas of the state, a need was felt, by the masses to better the administrative structure and thus, slowly demand for new districts gained momentum.

However, that two decade old demand was finally met on Friday when the three-time Chief Minister honoured the people’s wishes and announced not one or two, but a whopping 19 new districts along with the creation of 3 new divisions. For all practical purposes, this is one masterstroke the ‘undisputed leader’ of Rajasthan has played.

Be it administrative purposes, or political significance, or ease of work concerned with the denizens of the newly created districts, this move by CM Gehlot has not only given a shot in the arm of the administration, but has given strength to the people’s hopes and aspirations; all while ‘culling’ the opposition’s political grasp across the state!

Having been active in the political landscape for the better part of four decades, it has been Gehlot who has changed the face of Rajasthan. With such magnanimity and magnitude, it would not be wrong to call the move - THE MASTERSTROKE OF MASTER STRATEGIST LEADER!

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