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Jaipur: Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Friday that in every Rajasthani resides the love for this soil and the will to contribute to any social cause. “Wherever the people of Rajasthan live in the world, it is a matter of great pride that they remain connected with their soil. May this association continue. Migrant Rajasthani entrepreneurs have a big influence in the economic condition of the country,” Gehlot said while addressing the Non Resident Rajasthani (NRR) Conclave session under Invest Rajasthan Summit-2022 held at JECC on Friday. He said that the Rajasthani migrants living abroad should also bring their next generation to Rajasthan so that their connection with their soil remains constant. The Chief Minister said that whenever there was faminedrought in the state, the migrant Rajasthanis freely cooperated. “Even during the Corona period, we shared our joys and sorrows with the migrants. The gates of the state government are always open for the migrant Rajasthanis. All possible cooperation will be given to them in setting up industries here. Over the years, Rajasthan has emerged as a preferred destination for investment,” he said. The Chief Minister said that a proposal related to the petrochemicals region in the state has been sent to the Central Government.

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