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G-6 splits into two factions in Rajasthan

Jaipur: The elephant heard has been broken. As per reports from onlookers the INC’s BSP import of six MLA’s that used to stay together has been broken.

It’s now disintegrated into two groups of four and two. While Rajendra Singh Gudha, Wajib Ali, Sandeep Yadav and Lakhan are one faction, Joginader Awana and Deepchand Kahariya are the smaller faction. This faction was visible when the MLA’s were at Taj Aravali in Udaipur. People could sense a breach of trust and camaraderie among these.

No apparent fued is observed at the moment, however the G-6 head count remains intact despite the division. Two INC legislators Khiladi Kal Bairwa and Giriraj Malinga have replaced Awana and Khariya, who are seen treading a different political path.

The separation became evident after the new G-6 came to vote with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, where as Khariya and Awana were spotted taking a bus ride.

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