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Frequent transfers of women IAS officers reek of gender bias!

Jaipur: Pratibha Singh was appointed as Jaisalmer Collector in January 2022, 6 months ago and now she has been transferred. Why she was removed so soon, only the DOP can tell, but she has been brought from the field and made to sit in the Secretariat. This could not be a happy thing for Pratibha Singh. In her 32 year long service, she had barely become a Collector, and transfer in just 6 months, means, she failed.

Renu Jaipal never moved out of Ajmer in 32 years of service till now. For the first time, she was sent out of Ajmer and was made Pratapgarh Collector in April 2021, but failed. The government removed her within 5 months. Another chance was given to her when she was made Bundi Collector in September 2021, but she again failed and was removed in six months. Jaipal was eventually brought to Jaipur and given table posting in Monday’s list. She is now the Commissioner in Women Empowerment Department. A 2013-batch IAS officer Manisha Arora has been removed from the coveted post of RTDC MD within 6 months and has been given the less important posting of CMD of Handloom Corporation, a non-significant posting. It is clear that the government expressed its displeasure with her. Perhaps the new chairman of RTDC was not happy with her work. It is worth noting that during the BJP rule, Manisha had stayed in the Transport Department for full 5 years. Artika Shukla, a young IAS officer of the 2016 batch, was suddenly made APO from the post of secretary in Alwar UIT in September 2021. She had worked on this post only for 18 months.

She sat without work for 10 months, but now, she has been given posting again in Alwar itself. She has been appointed as the CEO of Alwar Zila Parishad. Tina Dabi, a young IAS officer of the 2016 batch, has been sent to Jaisalmer as District Collector. She has become a Collector for the first time. Every new IAS officer dreams of becoming a Collector. Tina should be happy, but the other side of the story is that just two months back, she got married to IAS officer Pradeep Gawande. This “honeymoon couple” has been separated in the new transfer list. Tina’s husband Pradeep has been sent to Udaipur. There is a distance of hundreds of kilometres between Jaisalmer and Udaipur. If the DoP wanted, Tina could have been transferred to the vacant post of Dungarpur Collector near her husband, Pradeep as Dungarpur is a neighbouring district of the Udaipur division.

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